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Save water – save the environment – Buy a Water Tank

Here at Turnkey Investments Ltd. you can find your perfect rain water storage tank. We supply Large Capacity Water Storage Tanks & Underground Water Storage Tank Systems for commercial and business needs. We are an authorised Dealer of kentainers Ltd Products ie KENTANK,Industrial products etc.

 We also have an excellent selection of Rain Harvesting Accessories such as Water Diverter kits, Water Butt Connector Kit’s, PVC Gutters, etc. Quite simply we supply everything you could need to start seeing the benefits of rain water storage and harvesting.

We also have the ability to supply you with electric and Petrol pumps to push the rain water to your existing distribution channels.

Why use a Rain Harvesting? Rainwater may appear to be one of the most plentiful resources that we have. However, did you know that businesses in the Kenya waste an astonishing 310 million litres of water every day! That’s over 35 litres a day for every single employee. In the home too water wastage is rife. One third of the water that an average family will use goes on flushing the toilet, and using a hose to wash your car takes around 300 litres of water. It makes no sense for us to let gallons of FREE water run off our roofs and straight down the drain. Browse our website to see all the newest rain water tanks as well as the most technically advanced water storage options for those who want to harvest and store rainwater as well as use water efficiently in the home and at work.

Be Smart. . . . . . Store, Use & Recycle More Rainwater!

Are You Doing Enough?

Our Rain Harvesting solutions uses Kentank  Storage tanks which are durable and have a long life span.